Very tired, fell like I am going to pass out, I have to rest ? (2023)

Question posted by Olsonnp on 26 March 2013

Last updated on 14 March 2023

Want to know what side effects that the group has ? People who are taking Eliquis. I have been on it for 3 days


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susilawm 9 March 2023

I’m very tired, anxious, light headed and my quality of life has diminished..
It’s depressing and I feel unheard by my cardiologist..

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ginar12 3 days ago

I am having the same issues along with debilitating fatigue and total lack of appetite - and my doctor does not seem to want to talk about Eliquis being the cause. My quality of life has gone way down since I started taking it.


susilawm 3 days ago

I’m so sorry.. it’s awful to feel bad because of medicine ( supposedlor how can we be sure??).

I’m almost ready to have some more specific blood work done to rule out .. whatever


KatyV 2 Dec 2022

I had a stroke at the end of July. At first I was on Xarelto for a short time, but my cardiologist switched to Eliquis, since September. I am very drowsy and sleep a lot, and have had a slight back ache. My vision seems to be getting worse. I feel I have no quality of life because I sleep a lot and don't get much done. I tell my kids (they are adults) that I am drowsy and sleep a lot, and they tell me to keep taking the medication because the directions said I will have a stroke if I don't take it. A friend sent me a natural product called Lumbrokinase, made in Canada, and from several other makers. The product in Canada says it is heavily researched and is supposed to be for blood clots. It is made from earthworms. As I said, I feel I have no quality of life. I have an appointment with cardiologist in about a week and will tell him I have to get off it. I was prescribed 5 mg twice a day, but I'm taking it only once a day and still have side effects.

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susilawm 3 days ago

Bless you♥️


SKWELLS 24 Sep 2022

I feel the same way... I am nodding out at my desk. My eyes feel so heavy.

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catpurrs123 7 Sep 2021

I just went to the ER for that exact reason. I have several heart issues and just started Eliquis 3 weeks ago. I have fainted once and last night I thought I was 'buying the farm' so to speak. I am going to ask my doctor if there is some other blood thinner that doesn't have so many side effects, but alas I dont think there is.

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Elaineharr 22 Feb 2020

My dad was on it for 3 weeks. It was horrible. Dizziness, room spins, didnt know where he was in middle of night, very weak, blurred vision. Dr swithched him to Lovenox injections 4 days ago. Hes back to normal.

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JCD1987 31 Jan 2020

I was taking eliquis for a month after a ct scan showed i had tons of clots around my lungs and one in my left calf. I told my dr that eliquis was making me feel fatigued and basically felt like i had no desire to want to do anything in life anymore. So he switched me to xarelto 20mg a day. Let me tell you... my moods have improved the past week. It took my body a full week to get used to xarelto but now im more active and aware in life but i still have my fatigued moments but NOTHING COMPARED TO ELIQUIS. Tell your health provider if xarelto is for you... i strongly reccomend it.

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susilawm 6 days ago

Thank goodness!


Patsy1529 18 Aug 2019

Hello, I am on this a year and a half now and I have had no side effects at all. Hope you get straightened out, take care, Pat

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Javerma 17 Aug 2019

Been taking it 10 days. I fatigue quickly while doing outdoor work and have felt like I would pass out if I didn't rest.

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Lora37 4 May 2019

I've been on eliquis for 3 months now after being diagnosed with a pulmonary embolism which was late Feb of 2019,since I been taking it I noticed I'm tired all the time dizzy,faint and stressed. I feel like I dont get enough rest which I know I do, I keep track of the times I fall asleep n wake up. I also noticed tightness in my chest especially on my right side. Skin rash. And I also feel the same as you like having to rest all the time, no energy. Before eliquis I was very energetic and not tired.

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tanglebogus 29 May 2019

I was on Eliquis for about two months and had the same symptoms as you do. I had been on the blood thinner lovenox when I was diagnosed with colon cancer but when my insurance changed I looked for something less expensive. When I had problems with Eliquis my doctor told me the same thing about it not being the Eliquis. I told him flat out I'm not taking it any longer!! It took about 2-3 weeks but I got back to myself. Since then I have tried Xarelto which was about the same as Eliquis. In frustration I decided to try Warifrin, and in about 2 months started having the same problem. Because I have blood test every 3 weeks I began to notice that my hemoglobin ( anemia) was crashing. I am now back on Lovenox and starting to get better. I have searched on line and found 2 lawyer firms with law suits concerning Xarelto and Anemia. I am considered to be a terminal cancer patient AND TRUST ME LIFE IS TO SHORT TO FEEL LIKE CRAP ALL THE TIME.


Every Doctor (4 in all) I have talked to has told me it is not the blood thinner but after many ct scans, x-rays, EKG's and blood test they all say I'm fine but have no answers. Your doctor is supposed to help you, you are paying them and there are too many blood thinners out there not to try something else!!


susilawm 6 days ago

Sounds like a ‘ mini me’..


sunflower 83 1 Jan 2019

I have been on Eliquis for 2 LONG years. Little by little I have seen my life go from active to sitting in my chair all day because of the breathlessness, dizziness and being tired every day of my life. I only take 2.5 mg., twice a day. FINALLY, my doctors see the results but have continually told me this is not the fault of this medication. Once I told them I was quitting this on my own, they took notice. Being, tired, dizzy and out of breath seems to be a common side effect, plus loosing one's hair. At least to me. I am looking forward to getting my life back. I hope no one has to wait as long as I did, before something is done.

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roxytel89 5 Jan 2019

I hope you stopped this medicine by know. My Father is in ICU Because of it
also he is 91 years old .they finally change the medicine but he still needs to get stabilize because of it, also there is a lot of people after taking this pill with Lymphoma


Lora37 4 May 2019

Hello I've been on eliquis 5mg twice daily since end of February of 2019 for a pulmonary embolism. I noticed I haven't been feeling like I used to energetic sleep used 2 be good better mood more positive but now I'm having all kinds a side effects n its terrible. I told my doctor she dont seem to care I told her more than 3 times since I been on it. I'm so frustrated and scared. Can u please help steer me on the right direction. I'm 37 years old b4 finding this group I felt alone n thought it was all n my head the way I been feeling. I never experienced anything like this b4. Please help. I appreciate it.


Poochie78 30 Aug 2021

I am curious what the long term effects on you have been, but I doubt you will see this. I have been taking this since 10-2020 and seem tired all the time, have lost more hair than normal, and had extremely heavy periods. I'm on 5mg twice daily. Doc said they could try another blood thinner, but the choices all seem to have the same problems. Also taking a statin which I believe is the cause of my leg pains. Damn drugs have worse side effects than what they are treating.

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Everytenyears 1 Jan 2019

I was on Eliquis for 3 months 2.5mg twice a day. I had to come off it due to tiredness, sore joints and breathlessness. Also it was near impossible to get out of bed in the mornings due to my mood I had no motivation for anything.
This drug really wasn't for me and I am so glad to be off it and back on Clexane injections, I'd much rather inject myself everyday and feel normal.

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Lora37 4 May 2019

I been on 5mg eliquis twice a day for 3 months and been feeling not myself really tired moody depressed headaches no energy, i been telling my family doctor and she dont seem to care Im scared I never felt this way before the eliquis. Any suggestions please? Need anybody's suggestions


Lacon 20 Jan 2020

I feel the same way no energy to do anything always tiered and also anxiety now and always feeling on edge


CosmoCiro 21 Dec 2018

I had been taking Eliquis 5 mg for 6 weeks and now cut it in half, twice a day. I feel tired, short of breath and feel weak like I can pass out. Anyone else feel this way? Rose

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7527 15 Jan 2020

Yes, I feel like this also.


TerriFinn62 8 Feb 2022

I am crying reading these comments, partly because I am so tired and partly because I am scared. I dont want this for my life. Im also suffering from anxioty and depression from it. Waiting for primary and cardiologist to call me now. I cant even hold my head up. Im sad.


madhupjoshimd 26 March 2013

Please contact your doctor immediately.
Being tired, dizzy or feeling tired is listed as a side effect which should be reported to your doctor immediately.
Madhup Joshi, MD
Maui, Hawaii

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Olsonnp 26 March 2013

I was released from the hospital last Friday, I started on Eliquis last thurs. night on the hospital. I was in for the flu but had a slight stoke on the 3rd day in when I was off Pradaxa that I was taking preparing for a colonospy. The consensus amoung Doctors was that the Pradaxa was not working. So I was put on Eliquius. I think that I fell exhausted from being in the hospital for 14 days. I will call my Doctor, thank you


Inactive 25 Nov 2014

result was decrease mg to 2.5 from 5 mg. no change in dizziness so far. new script started 2 days ago. when should I notice improvement???


Inactive 2 Dec 2014

Are you feeling better? was the meds changed??


Inactive 20 March 2015

I have been on Eliquis for two weeks and am so tired that I can't stay awake, but that is better than the memory loss I had with xalerto. The Eliquis also makes me distracted or absent minded - that's the best way I can think to describe it. I fell yesterday for the first time in ten years because I forgot a parking bumper was in my path. That was oa walk I take every day.


Rpfarr 7 June 2017

I too am very tired and have a lot of joint pain. Can't hardly get through the day without 6 tylenol. I can't focus my thoughts either. I am going to my doctor Friday.


Orthowench 7 Dec 2017

I have been on Eliquis for 6 months . Found out today I can come off it . Hallelujah!!! Side effects include exhaustion , insomnia, mental fog, and craving for carbs and sweets which I never cared for before which resulted in a 15 lb weight gain .


Gembeth 22 May 2018

I just got off Eliquis after 6 months for a pulmonary embolism. My effects while being on this drug were muscle aches, arms going numb, extreme tiredness and a 22 pound weight gain. I am active, a hiker and kayak-er, work full time and have three children. Hoping that all is back to normal very soon.


Alouette 28 Nov 2018

I'm taking Eliquis, and I'm always tired, dizzy, and I pass out. Oh yes, I reported all these side-effects and many more to the doctor... actually to the doctor's physician assistant since you never see a doctor anymore, only a clone who is a nurse practicing medicine by staring at a computer screen that tells her what to do, what to prescribe, and so on. So yes, I reported all these horrendous side-effects of taking Eliquis on a special visit to the office to do just that. Her response, "It's all in your head, these drugs are safe." And then she sent me home to die, and dying is what I am doing now. One of the dangers of Eliquis is cancer. Guess what I am dying of? To hell with doctors. I went from the tennis court to the wheelchair because of those charlatans. So I'm just another fatality of the medical-pharmaceutical industry and their safe poisons. Try to sue the doctor. Juries will typically hold against you. Because no one has the right to sue Almighty God.


tanglebogus 5 Dec 2018

My Dr. switched me to Eliquis from lovenox about two months ago. It makes me dizzy, short of breath, crave carbs, extremely tired, lack of interest and severely depressed right after chemo. I have stage 4 colon cancer and thought it might be the chemo and/or cancer. I have also read that it may cause colon cancer and my first thought was, why on earth would my oncologist have me take this stuff. I know they consider me terminal but what the hell! With what time I do have I want to make it as great as possible. When I talked to my oncologist he said he had never heard of those problems, so I kept taking it. Due to circumstances I missed 2 days of taking it and started feeling MUCH better I have now stopped taking it and gone back to my lovenox shots until I see my oncologist again. Life is to short to feel like CRAP ALL THE TIME!!!


ddsg 22 Dec 2018

I’ve been on 5 mg for a week for DVT. I can’t function with Side effects. I saw Doctor and nothing was changed. Joint pain , weakness, can’t eat without getting sick . Newest is severe headache that gets worse when I lay back down . I can barely get out of bed. Should I go to ER?


tanglebogus 22 Dec 2018

Hey ddsg! I'm no doctor but it sounds like they are side effects. If you have good insurance and it won't cost you an arm and a leg I would say go to the ER just to make sure something else isn't going on. It also might show your doctor that you are serious about the problem. Remember you pay the Doctor... they are working for you... if they are not making you feel better then they are not doing a very good job. There are lots of doctors out there and lots of blood thinners. Life is to short to go thru life feeling sick all the time


Lora37 4 May 2019

I have contacted my doctor about these side effects from eliquis 5mg twice daily and she did nothing n acts like it's no big deal which scares me. Any suggestions?

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